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Related article: Date : Wed, March 19, 2011 February 17 03 -0600 From: Andrew Lorenzetti u003candrewgay41 hotmail. Chapter 6 of Andy Lake 18 years or older to read this story - Broken Tears 6 broken tears : com u003e Subject. Stop, if the idea is repugnant to the relationships between same-sex couples sex , and if Preteen Nn Models so, they are, what the hell are you here? ? Thank you, Stephen, are available for treatment and disposal. All usual disclaimers apply. If you are not supossed to read, , then it should not, but I know I can not stop. * Sigh * All these characters are fictional, all made by me, thank twisted my fantasy, but erotic. I am the author, so obviously I have the history and copyrights. You can only n be distributed or downloaded for personal pleasure with my approval. Recap - A gentle breeze blew, shook loose rose petals fell, as some n and danced in the wind. Ilooked at the sky among the branches. I'll wait. Let me give you an opportunity to to be happy, and I will do because I love him. " Ty....... I love you " ***************** ****** ******** This is a good start - Chapter 6 ************************* ****** went to my room the next day... Jeff, what I feel for him? E n hardly know him. He 's cool and all, but even I have developed an eye for everyone here. Although for the first time Jeff had a spark, and the fireworks when we kiss undeniable. Love ? How can my love, I just met a few days ? It is only impossible. I think he's confused, but I'll give it some time and see how feelings for me tomorrow. I hope that at least read a little in homosexual relationships, not outside. Uughh ! I do not like that here, and I was coming, to know if he is with me, but I doubt itI would never do such a thing. "Ty, hurry. It's time for breakfast! " I heard Mark scream below. "Ok! Not eat my food !" I cried, laughing, as he did. looked in the mirror of my dresser and brushed my horse, my view. What did he see in me? I thought as I looked reflection. That was the first time I've been asked that question. Whenever he s the best thinking of me, but since I met Bran, that makes me so value. It affects me a lot. I sighed and walked down the stairs my ​​father with a strange expression on his face and see Mark feed without a care in the world. I grabbed my plate and finish my meal, Mark went to his car and left me alone at the table and Dad. "Dad, is there something wrong? Look worried. " I asked, seeing that with sad eyes. " No, my son. Is that this great event in the company. I spend time with you, and that worries me. " He said, smiling. sighed with relief and Walked hug him tightly. "Thank God it is. I beginning to think there was another family or something. " I said with a chuckle , to be laughed at. " You kids are crazy. " He said as he tousled my hair. "Besides, Dad, if I had another family, accept it. " He said, as that gave me the best smile ever, and a flash of guilt on his face. " I love you so much. " kissed my forehead, played as Mark and I made my out. " Hurry, my driver ones. " I said I wear a seat belt. " Ja, ja, ja. I can take the bus. " He said with a sly smile. ", crying, because I do. Be not then forgive and gladly suffer n see you. " I smiled. " little bastard ", he said, nodding his head as he left. u003e u003e u003e " Hey, Tom! " He said as he ran and embraced him Tom, he looked sad. " Hey, buddy. How are you? " He said he did not look into my eyes. " I'm fine, but you, you look sad! " I said as I looked at him. " Well, I'm a little sad. " He said, looking down. " Why? " I asked Hugging him again like a sigh. " Cause I'm in love, but the person he loves me. " He said, as he sighed again. " Well, it's their loss. Come on now. " I said enthusiastically. " I do not think I can. " He said to my eyes. "Why me?" I pleaded with puppy eyes. He smiled and laughed. " for anything. " He said, smiling. "I, Tom! " Said Mark as he addressed us and hit the high hand. "" Sup? "Said Tom de Mark arrived. " Are you okay, man? It appears below. "Said Mark. " Yes.. "Said Tom disappear. Mark nodded knowingly, and fell the subject. We were sitting at a table in front of the school building waiting for the bell. I was sitting next to Tom, and Mark was sitting in front of us. We talked a little about my first day, and from soccer practice. " Hey", I heard Jeff 's voice behind me, and I turned around and smiled. " Hello", I said, silly. sat next to me and said hello to the boys, and Tom looked tense, a n little. After a while Jenni arrived, and Mark, andspeech r Lovey Dovey things between them. Soon after, Jane and Doug came up with swollen lips, and are so upset about it. Tom and Jeff both me to talk to. "Ty " I heard a voice yelling at me. I looked up and saw Caleb called me, and I looked at him and waved. I told him the n were children, and Jeff looked a bit too. I felt a little jealous, but hey, Jeff told me he loves me, so I took off. I put him as my best friend for the kids. " I thought it would be your best friend. " Tom said, pouting, and that led to laughs for everyone. " Nahh, you're my friend hot. " I said, as the table laughed more. Tom blushed, and Jeff looked at me with anger. " I love you, baby. Go to class. " Jeff whispered in my ear as I blushed. I nodded, looked Preteen Nn Models at me like Jenni. "Baby, you look flushed. Are you okay? " He asked anxiously, as he was me and I felt my temperature. " I'm fine. Do not worry. " I said, watching her. "Ok. Do you andour lunch money? " She asked me to hug me when I returned the hug n. "Yes ! "I said cheerfully. " Ok, now go to class. Dina may be waiting for you. "She said, smiling. " Ok. "I went to Caleb, who met with Li, Trevor, and Jermz Dina, and went to school to start our day. I had my first class with Dina, Li and Jermz. Jermz Dina and talking to each other and Li and I were in our own world to laugh without meaning. " you know, when you look closely at the woman in Dresden, you can see a mustache. "He said , laughing. N " Woow. I never thought I had something in common with her. "He said he hit me through laughter. We tied a lot of n throughout the day, and I met Brandon once. He whispered something to his friends, and she looked at me and I laughed. I shrugged and moved on. Preteen Nn Models for lunch, I spent a little s with Caleb and Li, both talking about random stuff and paste. I can call these two my best friends. talked and talked while we ate our food, and aA few minutes before lunch ended by Brandon came and sat at our table. " Hey, you bastard. " He said as he looked at me. I totally ignored him and talked to Li " Li, baby, why are you here? " " First, stop, I'm not your baby. Second Ty is my friend, so. " Bran said look at Li said, not look at him. "to come, hey, a dog, and Caleb, who is your friend ? " Bran Evaluating asked Caleb. " Fuck you, Brandon ! " Caleb said, without looking. "Brandon, please leave. " Li said. "So can you? This wa Caleb Ty whore in the bathroom? " Preteen Nn Models shouted as a few chuckles rose. "Brandon, leave a scene. " I said quietly. " I know what I want, you bastard ! " He spat. "end Brandon, like an idiot. I know your level of stupidity is high, , but my God, a neuron must live there. " I said to a bit noisy. Many people and rinsed awwwed oohhh my comment as Brandon rage. " little bitch. I will complete your life hell ! " That sHelp up n and pushed his tray for me. Refrain from eating and got up with Li and Caleb, and headed to the cafeteria and outside the classroom. I Brandon in my last class, and whisper away, people around me, do nothing there. " So, are you going to the theater ? " Caleb said he found me in the hallway. " Yes, I'm kind of like it. Do you? " I asked him how catch up. "I'm on stage, but I'm on the track team. You should try next Year ! Would be more time together. " He said, smiling. " Nahh, I love to sing and dance, but I'm not a bad runner, but is even, maybe you'll come to sing at some point. " I smiled. " Ok, but have come to my competitions, too," she said cheerfully. " Of course. " We met with his fists, and I went to the theater. I joined a Li, Dina, and Trev Jermz as teacher talked about the upcoming musical Halloween. " Well, Tyler, sings a ballad and thrillers. Open his voicein the ballad, and go from there. This is going to be great! "Mrs. Cadbury, said. " Ok, I'll do my best. "I said smiling. " Li, we need make- up for the show. You're the best here. "Mrs. Cadbury said proudly. " Of course. "Li nodded enthusiastically. ", right? "I asked, as soon as the lady began to address Cadbury other students. " Yes, that 's why I'm here. "She said, smiling. " This is great! "I said, smiling. " Yep. Brandon said he is not here today. That seems strange. "Said Li look around. " Yes, I'm kind of like the fact that he is elsewhere. "He said, smiling " Really? Fags I like hot guys like me. "Brandon said the voice behind me. " Brandon, I do not deal with you now. " I did not look to it. " Well, too bad. I was going to feed my cock. " I heard him laugh. " Brandon stop, go and disgusting. "Said Li, who rejected it. " See you later, you bastard. "He said he 's gone. " Uughh. I hate him. "I said in my handsFists. " Yes, I can not believe I liked it. " Li said, rubbing his back to me. " Well, let's shake it off. " I said, relaxing. " OK " he Preteen Nn Models said, nodding. finished the practice session and vocal, and walked out of the parking. I was in Mark's car on foot, and I looked back and saw a little bit far, looks like a garden. I have a figure, I went and saw Tom looked at him with a tear running down the face. My concern grew rapidly. " Tom, what 's Preteen Nn Models going on? " I said walking Preteen Nn Models towards him. He was surprised, because jumped a little, and wiped his tears. "N- no," he stammered. " Tom, I saw you mourn. Tell me what is wrong. " I insisted. " Love.. Why when there is so much pain? " Tom said, looking down. " Because love is what is your life. Even if you have no one to love, is the idea of ​​going out and finding that person all the force ". I said when I asked him a hug. " As a kid like you so smart? " He asked with aGiggles. "How a man as big as you become a baby cries ?" I said, laughing as he pushed gently. " You have a unique sense of humor. I love it. " He said, looking at me. A n breeze swept by, and waved his hair against the sun shines the face and looked so beautiful. I blushed. "Thank you. You have one... well, you are not at all unique! " I said, laugh, laugh like him. "I have to kiss a unique way. " He said, smiling. " Well, I do not know. " I laughed. "Knowing what you want? " was interrupted when he lifted my face and brought my lips n own. They were so soft and mushy, and his lips touched mine, that complained a bit. It really was only a kiss, and there was something magic and Jeff kisses as fireworks. It ended, and they separated. " Well, that was really unique, but why did you kiss me ? " I asked confused. "I have no idea. I think I wanted. " I said, laughing. " Well, that's the person who loves the good fortune of having his kisses. " I said, blushing n my eyesare fulfilled. " What if I told you the reason -" "What are you doing here," I have heard Jeff 's voice behind us. "Talking " Tom told us a little uncomfortable. " Oh. Well, Ty, come here. I Preteen Nn Models need to talk with you. " He said quietly. "Ok. Farewell, Tom, and remember to smile for me. " Jeff said, hugging him as cleared his throat. "For you," he repeated, as was Jeff. Jeff and I went for parking. "What have you and Tom to do?" 'I asked jealously. ", said nothing. We just talked, and there is no need to be jealous. I love you. ' I , smiling. ", but do not love me ? " Asked a little disappointed. " Not yet. The thing is I do not know... "I said. " Well, I love you and will do everything possible to make you love me too. " The smiled. " Well, I hope you can. " He went to his car, and he told me, cleared his throat with the brand and wanted to take me home. We went for a while and stopped at the park "What are we here? " I asked him how looked me. " Well, I wanted to talk to you. " He said with a dreamy look in his eyes. N "Trip". I said, smiling. " I read a lot about gay relationships and even saw some movies. " He said, , blushing. " And I think I'm gay. I can not imagine a girl. " Continued. " Are you sure, Jeff, because if you're not gay, I do not string along. " I said sadly. " I am more than certain, and that is why I wanted to give him that. " He came to in my pocket and pulled out a necklace with a charm in them. It was a silver necklace and amulet was a silver circle with an Aqua Sphere the center. " is so beautiful. " I told him to take it. " My grandfather has for me. He told me that if I ever fell in love, I n to the person I love, because the chain will protect all. " He told me with pride when put the chain around my neck. "Jeff, that's too personal. Are you sure?" I asked a little hope n to keep the chain. " I'm more than sure. You see, when I wITH to smile, I can not stop, n if I you, I feel alone and helpless. It's as if great part of me. I feel like I need to be complete. Her smile, her pearly white teeth that has cute dimples, his beautiful eyes and warm heart melt all over me. I've never felt so connected and so alive. There is something in you that makes me weak in the knees , and I know that I love you. "He said, looking into my eyes as tears ran on his face, and my eyes were watery. At that moment I felt the tingling. I felt love for Jeff. He looked so vulnerable to me, and he I looked as it was the most precious thing in the world s. "do not know what to say. I think I'm falling for you. Give me time to get used to the idea, but I know I have feelings for you, Jeff, that is -evident. I love the feeling, I embrace, and it makes me silly, hot n and diffuse. I love your voice because it calms me, and God, I love you million-dollar smile, but still,must learn to love everyone. I do not know all of you, and if we get to know each other, our love can happen grow. "I said to touch my collar. " I hope it works. "He looked embarrassed. " What is it? "I asked anxiously. " I C- may kiss you? "He asked us in the eye. I blushed and nodded RED shy. He gestured towards me and pressed his lips on mine. Both cast together, like one for the other. the two have a bit when they complain kissed her, and fireworks in my head went crazy. I gave her a kiss, and opened my mouth with my tongue. I did the same, and soon we liplock and tongue rings. He put his hand and hugged her hard body was soft and stop complaining as he kissed me passionately. lasted at least five minutes before missing the air, and we parted, and breath. have opened his eyes slowly and looked at each one eyes. "You taste like strawberries. I love it. "I said, smiling. " Yep. my mouthSpray washing and mouth is the taste. "I said blushing. " Well, I love it. " He picked me up again. " You're a good kisser. "I said, look at the bottom " You are an amazing kisser, "she said with joy ". I'm glad you like it, "he said blushing as " This means ! This means that you're my baby? You are my friend? " He said, , not even the slightest hint of regret. " I think so, but let's leave? "I asked to see. N "NO! " He cried immediately. " Calm down. Sorry. "He said he met my eyes with tears. 'shit, girl, sorry, sorry. Simply I can not understand, not now. Perhaps only a some people, like Tom, Mark and Jenni, but not others. I do not want the dirty looks and stuff, baby, and I know. You do not want it either, "he said, sigh. " I do not care what people think of me, and I'd be with you, , but I understand and maintain pressure. "I said with a smile disappointed. " I'm sorry, baby. "He said, sighed with relief. " Yes, but let's say, Tom, Dad, Jenni and Mark, Right? "I asked. " Yes, but at some point. Let's wait just a little. "He said, holding my hand. " Ok, a month. "He told me that the teeth of our fingers. " a month, "he repeated, gently kissing me again. We kissed again, and he took me home. I went my room, I turned on computer No, and I went to my playlist and started playing all my songs n love how I fell into the big bed with a smile on my face. I curled up against a pillow y kiss turned to Jeff and together with him. he is so handsome has a great personality. just hope that everything goes well... I Preteen Nn Models hope , all will be well! \\ \\ n [Tom POV] n saw me mourn today. was screaming fuck me, but what did was the at best. he looked at me with love and it felt so good. he is so s fine with me. Jeff is a lucky, and the kiss ! that was the best kiss ever! left me cold after it, and I was going to say it was the loved me, and Jeff was blank, Jeff said. I felt it from is the lung. Meanwhile, I bet you are the happy couple. went into the garden and the school grounds. I went to the parking lot of the s saw both Jeff 's car, she pulled away and went and n. I was in Mark's car on foot, and when I walk, I heard some noise. I have searched everything and nothing. I started running and heard noises over again. I followed the sounds of Mark's car, looked out the window, and saw Dina copy and Jeremy. I banged on the glass, and saw that I panic on their faces. I did my best not to laugh and it seems that tail. She opened the door. "What the hell is that? " I asked angrily. " Please do not tell Mark that he did in his car!" Dina screamed. "Please, Tom, do not do it again. " Said Jeremy. " Hahaha. Do not worry, children. Is that I'm not saying, but it must be Jeremy a Mark, for being here out of the shower. " I said, laughing. Children looked at me with daggers in her eyes, and ran Jeremy. " You should be carefulDina. Jeremy is a good guy, but sometimes kids want to explore. Do you know about sex and all that, and I know they are small, but You know, to know what sex is. "He said affected. N " I know, and we would not have sex. We hope to get married. " said indignantly. " Well, I do not think anyone can hold for long. Sex is healthy and a great thing in a stable relationship is good. Marriage is not necessary to child. "I said, shaking his hair. " OK, Tom. "Dina said, as Mark did. " Ready? " He asked me, and Dina, who got into the passenger seat. " Yeah, back home after being Dina? " I saw the girl asked. " Yep. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Well, my dear? "He said, looking a Dina, n he nodded his head. " Cool, "he said. N "No! Mark always smells after a workout, even if you shower. "Dina said laugh. Mark and I came. " Are you going home? "I asked Mark with a mischievous smile. " Jenni hate you. "They told sober affair. We laughed and went Dina fall, and Mark took me to his house. that Ty was seen coming from the car of Jeff. I do not think Mark has, but his lips were swollen. I felt jealousy ran through me, and when it fades, anger n through my body. Why it hurts so much ? [Jeff POV] n After my conversation with Ty, I was on top of the world. Everything was going to to be perfect, and in a month, we wanted to tell some people that we are together n. Tom was the one I meant, and I want you back Ty seems to want a lot, and when I saw them together now idea of ​​the worst, but good, as I took my baby and I my grandfather collar. This means we're in it for the rest. I know it sounds stupid to say maybe I love it when I have a couple of days to be with him, but I do. It was love at first sight. He looks so innocent y cute, and I can be with him. I can be vulnerable, it can certainly be s happy, and I know that you can feel loved. I feel this need to protect him and be with him forever. It is myBaby now. And, well, we've done ! DAMN! It was perfect. His mouth knows what s well, and fireworks exploded everywhere. It was so hot and romantic n and. I had, and I did not want to let go than ever. I was so home in my arms, and I love him so much that I feel the need to a safe. As soon as I got home, I went to my room with a sigh, my backpack left on the ground and fell on my king- size bed. I took a deep breath and laughed a lot. I was so damn happy. "Why do you laugh? " A little voice came from behind me. " Shit, Cam, was scared of me. " I told my Lil looking brother. " Why are you laughing at Jeffrey? Cam said came to me and hugged me. " Cause I'm in love. "I said, kissing her forehead on the edge, as we see also in my bed. " I knew that Mom was right. Mom is always right! " He said he got up and on the edge of the bed. " I know, son. Why moms are the best. "I told him how I drove s hair. " Howloves you? "My brother, I asked curiously. " It feels like butterflies in your stomach and feel warm and fuzzy all more. He is happy and can not stop smiling. "I said smiling. " Adults are funny. "He told me to put her tongue and ran away laughing. your back against the bed. We are strange. Who falls in two days? Now, if Ty had met the whole world. the next chapter will be up sooon I hope you enjoyed this story, and as you may have noticed, has type personal meaning that gave hope.. : D Thanks for reading, and I hope you like my story so far. If you do not read my story together in a list called the revenge lustful. 's all the past, so it should. you have to look in the first 50 floors. once again, thank you very much and please e- mail that I andrewgay41 hotmail. com, if as my story. writer, if you can callI love the comments, and are not too shy ask personally. Please enter the story I comment. Thanks to Stephen for editing. You are awesome!
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